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    In Steam, players can not only play a lot of free games but also buy some paid games. But for players who want to get attention in the Steam community through Steam Level Up, being restricted is very likely to happen.

    Steam will block all new users, block their communities and social features. It should be to prevent the abuse of spam or phishing. So the account must spend at least $5 on Steam. Purchasing games, recharging items, and wallets, etc. are all possible operations.

    Activating retail games in Steam, playing free demos, adding non-Steam games as shortcuts, downloading free games, activating hardware or graphics manufacturers’ promotional CD keys cannot remove this restriction. And it must be noted that buying goods from the Steam market is the wrong way.

    The correct way is:
    Add cash equivalent to $5 or more in the Steam wallet.
    Buying games in the Steam store costs more than $5. You can buy a lot of cheap games.
    Add a $5 Steam Wallet Code or Steam Gift Card to your account.

    After you spend more than $5 on Steam, users can add friends to Steam, buy or sell items on the community market, publish guides, etc. More importantly, your Buy Steam Level Up will show your Steam level in your profile. You don’t want your level to be 0 all the time!

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