Positive Mindfulness training programmes bring the technique of mindfulness to the practice of the latest scientific principles of Positive Psychology. It is the pathway to flourishing and happiness which can be experienced intensely, constantly and consistently through training of the mind and development of your potential skills, talents and strengths.

These programmes where I will take you through learning the technique of mindfulness for application in key areas of your life through the principles of Positive Psychology dealing with all aspects of your functioning in yourself and in the context of your workplace which will lead to high efficiency and effectiveness.

It will be an interactive and exciting way of learning techniques and understanding scientifically proven ideas which lead to inner change and to flourishing and authentic happiness!

Individual and corporate training programs in Positive Mindfulness

Each course programme will consist of 4 sessions and will be intensely practical with a solid theoretical framework based on latest scientific evidence. Each course will consist of guidance notes, video presentations, guided meditations, and a daily practice plans.

  • Positive Mindfulness: an introduction
  • PM and Self-Awareness
  • PM and Positive Emotions
  • PM and Resilience
  • PM and Personal Character Strengths
  • PM and Creativity
  • PM and Leadership
  • PM and Positive Relationships; 
  • PM and Flourishing

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