Positive Mindfulness

Brilliant Mind, Happy life!

The paradigm of Positive Psychology combined with the powerful technique of Mindfulness gives a  potent way of transforming your mind and life!

'Be the change you want'

- M K Gandhi

The Key to Your Happiness!

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the positive strengths and characteristics like wisdom, courage, compassion, love, resilience etc., that enable and facilitate the flourishing of individuals, groups and communities.

The essential principle of Positive Psychology is that people want to develop themselves to lead a life of meaning and purpose, to actualise their potential and experience life with positive emotions in relationships, the workplace and leisure.

This field includes the study of attainment of positive experience through mindfulness, flow and emotions in the here and now, as well as about hope and optimism in the future and positive remembrance of the past.

A Powerful Tool for Inner Change!

Whereas Positive Psychology tells you what to change:  positive strengths and characteristics like wisdom, courage, compassion, love, resilience etc., Mindfulness tells you how to do it.

Mindfulness is a meditative technique developed in Ancient Eastern traditions for spiritual self-transcendence. Because it is a powerful mental discipline and technique, it can be applied in today’s world in any field of endeavour including tuning up your personality for happiness and well-being!

It is not only a technique to have a heightened awareness of your sensations, thoughts and feelings in the moment, but also a technique of inner choice and change which leads directly to positive states of mind.

Once you learn the technique it can be applied in changing emotions, attitudes and beliefs which are key to inner development.

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